Consulting Rosarians

An added bonus of membership in the Twin Cities Rose Club is access to our consulting rosarians. Consulting rosarians advise new and old members who have questions on rose culture or a particular rose. They are experienced rose growers who are certified by the American Rose Society for service to the club, its members and other rose growers.

Any member of the Twin Cities Rose Club can access a Consulting Rosarian to answer questions specific to this area of the country. We are proud to say that our Consulting Rosarians are known as the best rose growers in the Twin Cities. If you’ve got a rose question, these are the people to ask. Right now only a few have submitted email addresses, but we’ll be adding more as they become available.

Contact Consulting Rosarians: Margaret Anderson, Norma Booty, Rose Diestler, Rich Hass, Lois Ann Helgeson, Mark Henning, Millie Hisey, Kim Loomis, Scott Hoffman, Rita Gindt-Marvig, Chris Poppe, Carole Smuda, Mary Tennis, John Turek, Sue Youngdahl, David Zlesak, Deb Keiser